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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster of the United Kingdom. Headquartered at Broadcasting House in Westminster, London, it is the world's oldest national broadcaster, and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees. It employs over 22,000 staff in total, more than 16,000 of whom are in public sector broadcasting.The total number of staff is 35,402 when part-time, flexible, and fixed-contract staff are included.

An article that talks about 'The worst BBC crisis for 50 years'

Unfolding claims of sexual abuse against late BBC star Jimmy Savile have plunged Britain's national broadcaster into its biggest crisis for 50 years, a senior reporter has warned.

Unfolding claims of sexual abuse against late BBC star Jimmy Savile have plunged Britain's national broadcaster into its biggest crisis for 50 years, a senior reporter has warned. Veteran BBC foreign editor John Simpson explained in an interview to be aired Monday, October 22, that the scandal had left the broadcaster in a "very dangerous" position. The BBC is fending off reports that it pulled an investigation into Savile's behavior because it would have clashed with tribute programs to the entertainer, who died last year aged 84. "This is the worst crisis that I can remember in my nearly 50 years at the BBC," Simpson says on BBC1's flagship investigative show, Panorama. "I don't think the BBC has handled it terribly well. "I mean, I think it's better to just come out right at the start and say we're going to open everything up and then we're going to show everybody everything." British police investigating the eccentric star said Friday they were now dealing with up to 200 potential victims. They have launched a full criminal probe into other suspects who are still alive. Savile was one of Britain's best-loved television presenters who raised huge sums for charity. But claims that he sexually abused underage girls have left his reputation in shreds and the BBC facing accusations of a cover-up. Two weeks after a program by BBC's commercial rival ITV aired allegations about him by a handful of women, Scotland Yard said the claims had snowballed, with dozens of other people coming forward. The BBC has announced an independent probe into its "culture and practices" during Savile's time at the broadcaster.


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Former Employee - Reporter says

"There is so much bureaucracy and if you are new, the existing team can accuse you of virtually anything as they will freeze your access to your emails, work phone, etc. until they can come up with things to accuse you. Without such access, it becomes impossible for you to defend yourself. Unless you are a British person with a strong connection to higher management in London, do not apply to this place."


"Micromanage everything from the top to the bottom"

Current Employee - Journalist says

"Far too many layers of middle management who dither and stifle creativity"

Current Employee - Senior PM says

"Slow at responding to vacancies, leave people hanging on"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Bad management and bad people"

Current Employee - Vice President says

"Awful people I worked within"

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"no opportunity to grow and develop"

Current Employee - Senior Broadcast Journalist says

"Craven news organisation, largely intent on safeguarding its own existence."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Management old fashioned Prejudice against working from home Rampant Micro Managing Absolute refusal to move from established processes, regardless if new ideas are more effecient 'We've always done it like this' mentality FAR too many managers"

Former Employee - IT Consultant says

"not very good for employees"

IT Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Have worked for the BBC on 4 occasions in past 20 years mostly contracting. Last role for BBC news where there is poor management, too much stress and low pay. Cons: Low pay, poor line management. Too many managers."

Chauffeur livreur (Former Employee) says

"Clientelisme au sein meme du dispatch. En bref, les nantis recoivent les meilleures courses, les autres doivent se contenter de courses minables. Cons: Trop longue la liste"

Customer Agent (Former Employee) says

"All smiles when you start, but and some of the people are great, but you are never allowed to forget you are plugged into a machine. The most enjoyable part of the job was going home. The systems were fit for purpose and to increase revenue you had to deal with people who were encouraged to be trolls."

Freelance Broadcast Journalist (Current Employee) says

"A terrible place to work populated by incompetent middle class people from the South East of England being paid to do very little. I've found it to be sexist, racist, classist and utterly dull. Cons: Plenty"

Cleaner (Current Employee) says

"not good mangers are a jobs worth not enough work to last through out the day line managers are not great to get on with not the best of money either for what you have to do"

Senior Producer (Former Employee) says

"Working for this company is not worth the negative impact to your quality of life. There is an abusive culture that is embraced as if it is a badge of honor rather than an illegal and unfit workplace. Avoid unless you have no other options. Cons: Everything else"

Account Manager (Door-To-Door Sales) says

"-Glorified Door-to-Door Sales job."

Confidential (Former Employee) says

"Some great people and work undertaken dispersed sufficiently thinly throughout the organisation to prevent it sinking but progress is hampered by a toxic, self serving, ‘political’ culture that replicates in its own image, aided and abetted by HR not representative of the society served The latest EDI measures will fail as they are merely ‘set dressing’ - radical change is required at SLT level . Cons: Structure, culture, policies, nepotism, sexism, racism, class prejudice"

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"This place is full of bullies. I worked in BBC Learning, CBBC, Sports and Cbeebies. The staff are bullies and management know about this but let you get bullied and when you speak up they will target you and make you seem like the one causing trouble. They lie and twist things. The management in Learning all stick together and will try their best to bring you down. Unless your face fits in with their team. Childrens department were very hard to please, I worked on several projects as a grade 4 and found the management not helpful, friendly or supportive. They have the worst PMs. I have been in situations where I've worked 2 weeks with no breaks, been told to drive to locations tired, been told to carry heavy equipment breaking health and safety policies. But if you speak up they will target you. Its the same culture across all BBC sites. I seen people with no experience whose face fits in get promoted and others who have been there for years not be promoted. They claim to understand diversity but the BBC doesn't. They do not understand or respect diversity."

Producer (Former Employee) says

"A thoroughly unpleasant place to work, with micro managers at every turn. Employees often don't realise how awful it is until they leave. The rest of the BBC is a wonderful place to work, which only throws Learning into darker shade."

Computer Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The varied and extensive experience during my training in reputable companies has helped me develop strong working ethics and exposed me to tough working conditions which enabled me to adapt, improve and excel in daily strategic administrative operations and setting long term engineering projects. I have extensive knowledge in the field of project management and planning, as well as strong telecommunication skills, especially the usage of theory and research techniques. My present training experience has enhanced my knowledge in networking/communication strategies and up-link technician, creative thinking and team work. I have excellent communication skills in English and Arabic and a high proficiency in most of the programming and micro controllers’ languages, and networking plans, trouble shooting, and addressing."

Supporting Artist (Current Employee) says

"A typical day's work would begin around 06:30 and sometimes would go on as late as 11pm. There would be lots of downtime awaiting between shoots but this would be filled with conversations with other extras and sometimes leading characters. Cons: No job security and infrequent acting opportunities"

Researcher, interpreter, translator (Former Employee) says

"Working for the BBC has definitely gotten my that 'wow' reaction when others found out who I am working for. Unfortunately, while it sounded good, my skills were taken advantage of and the pay was well below what I should have been getting."

HR Administrator (Current Employee) says

"An okay place if you fancy coasting indefinitely. Management are questionable as are the office politics. Incredibly difficult to gain any form of salary increase unless if you lie before your interview, leave and come back or jump jobs every five seconds. Cons: You leave everyday"

operador de carga e descarga. (Former Employee) says

"comprometimento.responsabilidade regular. boa em vigilância privada. Cons: atraso."

Executive (Former Employee) says

"The benefits are pretty good but there have been no raises in years and poor salaries to begin with (despite the fact that they send out tons of memos about how profitable the company has been). SO many good people have left in the past few years and yet nobody seems to care. There is little to no value placed on work/life balance and with the workload constantly increasing it doesn't look like that will get better. Job security is non-existent for most and the morale is very low. The new management is smart but mostly hire people they already have worked with rather than giving a chance to the people there who are working hard. In general there are some great people who work there, but I wouldn't recommend this company with all the other cable nets out there who pay more competitively and place a higher value on their hard-working employees. Cons: no work/life balance, poor pay, no raises in years"

Editor, Somali section (Former Employee) says

"Regional managers do favours for those who follow them and only them are promoted. I personally experienced mismanagement, favouritism and only followers of the managers being promoted. Cons: It needs to check the regional managers who mis use power."

PMA (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 3 years on contracts, and noticed a culture pattern across all the BBC sites from London to Salford to Birmingham. Its very clicky and if you dont fit in you will struggle here. I worked in CBBC and the level of bullying is high, the unit management team knew I was being bullied but didn't support me. I went for an interview in Radio 4 and was told i was too young to fit in. Discrimination but as they stick together like a pack of wolves, they get away with it. A manager also shouted in the office area about a personal issue of mine. This place can be a great place but there is a lot of issues stopping it, people see BBC then get blinded by the unethical issues as they want that brand. There are great projects to work on and you can be flexible with your work but overall i wouldn't recommended it. It is also very competitive, you have to really prove yourself if you want to achieve here. I was told that i could come back anytime i wanted but i neverreturned. Cons: No diversity, Long hours, low pay"

Freelance Contracts Team (Former Employee) says

"The BBC has a culture of "job for life" despite the deep cuts to staff while too many incompetent management sit with cushy jobs and high salaries. This culture has led to inefficiency and laziness among some staff. Cons: Working with lazy colleagues and bad managers who feed off your hard work."

Broadcast Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I like friendly environment, easy going , supportive staff for training. Enjoy working in fun environment. Good training package progression in a job where I can be successful in the work place. Cons: Long hours"

David Wales-Durrans says

"Bias news! Report unfounded facts, do these reporters sit on their arses and just make up crap? You should be defunded and report the real news. Your no better then the American democrats creating fake news"

Christopher Barnett says

"Went to BBC News website today to see about the 1564 covid related deaths in UK overnight and the 47,590 new cases overnight, but nothing. Nothing reported. What? But the BBC website was happy to be reporting on its front page a story about a missing raven bird in the Tower of London. Goodbye BBC 😫"

Joe Williams says

"Corruption at the highest level has been unearth in year 2020, all of which we the tax payers pay for. They know exactly what they are doing and have been paid to do! Spread fear and devastation. All in the name of global genocide"

Helen Myles says

"Pushes only propaganda and lies. No evidence of any investigative journalism whatsoever. An utterly woke-ist and liberal elite now run the BBC - they do not deserve any public funding"

Thurin Aradan says

"Propaganda spouting, pedo sheltering, outdated irrelevant leftist quango BS factory cesspit. The most humane cause of action would be to put it out of our misery entirely and immediately."

Number six says

"UK COLUMN Mon Wed Fri 1.00 pm live"

Thomas Morris says

"I stop watching bbc news because the news readers keep going on about covid 19 pandemic by depressing the U.K. viewers by death talk on the bulletin it makes me angry that some of the reporters need to talk about positive news like the royals and the England football team because I can’t stand the bbc news newsreaders because it is time they defund the tv license fee for bbc news because of it is handling of the pandemic"

Ray Radford says

"Time to remove this outdated garbage."

Tar says

"Ironic, isn’t it, that the more we see of the BBC, and Sky News, too, the more we come to understand why Russia and China hold the press in such contempt? Monster regimes they may be, but what would you call the BBC? It, too, suppresses all dissent. The BBC reports only what it considers it safe, right and proper for you to know. And steadfastly omits all else. It hires only those who are in agreement with their world view and ruthlessly culls any who step out of line. And YOU, the citizen, the viewer, MUST pay for it, whether you like it or not. Like the laughably mis-named Lib Dem’s, the BBC is only in favour of Democracy when it does at it is told, and neither organisation has any understanding of the concept of Liberalism. Look it up. They are the precise opposite. Whatever reforms are currently going on inside the BBC as a result of new management they aren’t anything like enough."

Josh D says

"biased racist support pedos should be scrapped half of the employees should be arrested"

Neale Kelly says

"On one hand full of propaganda, on the other, nonsense that isn’t news worthy. Add in a sprinkle of leftist virtue signalling and you have a car crash of state run media that should have died a long time ago."

saurav kumar says

"They report anything and everything that fits their narrative to keep their core viewers from losing interest as they know attention is the new currency. Now that the factual news can be reported with a quick notification on your phone. They've had to innovate to compete by turning it into daily entertainment for their and they make sure to not to offend their core viewers and if feasible be an echo chamber for their core loyal viewers."

London says

"How much money is spent each year setting up fake and totally unnecessary outside news broadcasts. Usually at empty government offices in London at 9pm at night. STOP THIS INSANITY. Plus the content is woke garbage. DEFUND the BBC."

Robert Lockey says

"Kier Starmer cut off mid flow while talking live. The presenter then spoke over giving a summary why couldn't we listen to Starmer instead. Then they cut to old reports that repeat over and over. Anything they don't agree with are cut. As a news media BBC News is a joke."

Dpdp says

"Lies upon lies. No one trusts this organisation"

David George Wigston says

"BBC REPORTS Dominic Cummings £45.000 pay rise from Boris 😱 ( SHOCKING ) Zoe Ball £1.000.000 ( million ) pay rise from the BBC 🤡 ( JUSTIFIED ) Do the BBC think the general public are stupid ( off course they do ) They only tell you what they want to tell you, they say there not biased !! my answer to that is BBC your full of BUL- - - T."

Wendy Mallin says

"I cannot watch it now I switched over to Piers during the Capt Moore drivel -at least Piers is trying to hold this incompetent Gov't to account. I was big fan of BBC news, but the BREXIT and COVID reporting has my blood boiling where are the FACTs and why do we- the paying public -not have any balanced reporting now?"

Tony Sanders says

"The time that the BBC News was highly respected around the world are long gone and it’s no wonder, given how desperately unbalanced it has become. If it were not forcibly funded by the British public, it would have been out of business years ago and wouldn’t exist today."

Janet Tilson says

"FOR GODS SAKE!!! The BBC news today!! Should pies have pastry on top??? This program is absolutly rediculous. I want to know THE NEWS uk and abroad. How long do we have to put up with a program that has ONE STAR for months???"

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